Discount Opportunities

We are a budding business, so if you are a creative professional & looking to explore another side of Albania, here's an excellent opportunity to support us at less cost.

The Shepherd's Way Albania is a budding social business. We are open to collaborating with professionals from various industries to grow sustainably and spread the word about the extraordinary life of the shepherds in this remote part of Europe.

From photographers, documentary directors, anthropologists to writers, content creators, and influencers, if you are a pastoral enthusiast, we are open to exchanging ideas and finding win/win solutions to benefit the Malësorë shepherds, our team and yourselves. And if all parties are included in the benefits, we are willing to reduce the cost of our tour prices in exchange for your help in protecting this precious cultural heritage!

Feel free to reach out to us here, and we will be happy to discuss your ideas and subsequent price reduction in greater detail :)