Are you looking for a unique experience in northern Albania?

Create special memories and support a special cultural heritage with Malësorë shepherds in the heart of the Albanian Alps!


In the region of Kelmend, within the great mountain ranges of northern Albania, there are shepherds living a unique lifestyle. We will get you there to spend time with them and experience their authentic life.

Mirëseerdhët TO KELMEND

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Takeaways from happy customers

“I was so grateful to spend time with Gazmend and his family. We shared a deep connection based on a common love and respect for the mountains, for nature, and the animals. I’ll never forget those months spent in the mountains with him....”

Nick St. Oegger
Documentary Photographer & Writer

"Meeting the Bikaj family changed my life forever. I had never met such open and welcoming people. With them, you are surrounded by smiles and jokes all the time and find peace in their genuine way of being. I learned so much from them and I am forever grateful."

Franceska Haas

"The Shepherd's Way Albania is a wonderful and authentic way to experience the local culture. Everybody I met was absolutely amazing! Super kind, welcoming, and helpful. Thanks to Nina and Fonsi, I learned so much and had the most beautiful memories on the journey up the mountain."

Daria Grzegorowski
Female Traveller

"...for someone that loves mountains, Kelmend is an absolutely stunning and still fairly touristically under-explored region of Albania. The pristine mountain ranges and the intertwined life of the shepherds with their animals were something that left a lasting impression on me. I wholeheartedly recommend this experience to anyone seeking to immerse themselves in nature and a unique way of living."

Yannic Spreen-Ledebur
Social Traveller & Adventurer

"Absolutely stunning and unique landscapes with a well preserved and rich culture! It's really hard to find places like this so I recommend 100% that if you are in Albania go for this experience. Nina and Fonsi are so welcoming and fun, really made us feel like home😄"

Mercedes Sabels
Female Traveller

“My favorite part of my Albania trip by far was getting to know the shepherds and their children but especially the resilient, hard working and knowledgeable women of this traditional culture... I highly recommend making your way up to the stan, trying traditional Albanian cuisine, playing with the children and admiring the views.”

Natalia Martinez
Solo Female Traveller

"As a "city" person who doesn’t usually opt for outdoor adventures, living in the mountains with the shepherds was an eye-opening & humbling experience. It initially took some getting used to, but it was absolutely worth it. With so much beautiful flora, fauna and people, I got some of the best pictures I have ever taken. I am already planning my next trip back!"

Sawaiz Syed
Hobby Photographer