Fonsi Bikaj

PlayFUL - GENEROUS - open-minded

Alfons, aka Fonsi, grew up as the eldest child of seven in a well-respected shepherd family in the region. He claims he started working from the moment he left the womb (haha). More realistically, he started working with his parents at age ten and is well on his way to being acknowledged as a shepherd (an honourable title only earned through experience over time).

However, as much as he loved aspects of his family's shepherding lifestyle, like many young people in Kelmend and Albania, he initially aspired to leave his home country to work in the USA or Europe to support his family better. But it wasn't until his first "official" trip to Italy and Germany that he realised how un-glamorous working as an undocumented migrant in the West could be.

Determined to find other ways to support his family, he has shifted his mindset to improving his English and working with the growing number of tourists visiting his beautiful home country of Albania.

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