Terms & Conditions

Please note the following Terms & Conditions before booking with us.

1. At this time, we can only accept cash payments. We accept Albanian LEK (ALL) or Euros (EUR) in the local currency.

2. You must be over 18 to book a tour package with The Shepherd's Way Albania. We will send you a personalised final confirmation if we accept your booking.

3. Minors cannot travel on their own. All bookings must have a legal guardian or adult over the age of 18. A child travel consent letter must be provided when a child travels without a parent and with a legal guardian or another family member.

4. The maximum baggage weight allowed on our tours is at most 15 kg, not exceeding the dimensions of a 60 liter backpack. Only one big rucksack (up to 60 litres) and one small load (up to 10 litres) are allowed per passenger. You should be able to carry your luggage on your own, otherwise we will ask you to pay an additional fee of €50 to arrange a horse to carry your baggage.

5. Activities are subject to change due to weather conditions. Although we try to keep the overall program almost the same as planned, we will propose a plan B in case of any problems. Still, we ask that travellers keep in mind that the Malësorë shepherds could change their schedule or life routines (because of cultural or weather concerns) to some extent without prior notification to us. We will keep the program without many changes and consider your preferences.

6. You will need hiking shoes, and we recommend bringing wet-weather gear for the trip. You may be able to borrow things from the shepherds during your stay, but it's always best if you come prepared for mountain/farm activities.

7. Please note that many of the Malësorë are heavy smokers and they often smoke indoors, in cars, around children, etc. It's not a particularly good habit, but we ask that you respect their behaviour and be prepared for this before booking your tour with us.

8. Please follow the tour guide's instructions concerning the timing, route, and potential risks. Otherwise, we cannot accept further responsibilities in case of any change in the plan or probable accidents.