A Day in the Life

Package 2

Our featured package, A Day in the Life, gives you the unique opportunity to experience authentic everyday living in the "Accursed" Albanian mountains, the Malësorë shepherd way.

From your starting point at Qafe Perdolec, you will hike early in the morning with your guide(s) to the summer encampment of your host family. Once there, you will be invited to take part in their daily activities, which include milking the sheep, following the family members as they take their livestock out to graze in the high pastures, experiencing home life inside their Stan and learning to prepare milk, cheese and other local dishes for dinner.

Depending on the tasks for the day, there may be other opportunities to help on their private farms, explore the surroundings or relax at home and take in the peaceful atmosphere.

You will later have enjoy a meal with the family, before being escorted back to Qafe Perdolec or Lepushë, depending on your lodging location. Alternatively, if you have your own tents, you can also opt to camp near the family's Stan for the night or rent a tent from us for €10 and enjoy sleeping under the starry sky - on clear nights you can even see the milky way!

Package 2 - A Day in the Life
/ per person, full day experience

/ 20% off for groups of 4 or more

/ 20% off for stays of 3 days or more
Experience the authentic daily life of your host family in their summer residence.
Observe and take part in milking the sheep, taking them out to graze in the high pastures, experiencing home life inside their cabin (Stan) and having dinner with the family.
Option to pitch your own tent nearby or rent one for €10 to stay overnight and sleep under the stars.
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The main goal of The Shepherd's Way Albania is to support shepherd families directly, so they receive 50% of the revenue. The rest we will invest in social projects to improve their lives, preserve their cultural heritage and support the local community.

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