The Qosaj's


The Qosaj's are one of the sweetest shepherd families you could ever meet.

They are a relatively young family of six; two parents, two boys and two girls.

Llesh, Marijana & Driton

Llesh Qosaj is the father of this charming family. He has quite a small frame but is more robust than he looks and has a big heart. He is always extremely polite, saying "Shumë Faleminers "(Thanks so much, in the local dialect) to everyone, even if they help with the slightest thing.

His wife Marijana is lovely and lights up any room with her big smile and infectious laugh. She is, of course, a very capable shepherdess, home carer and mother, but she also openly shares her affectionate nature with guests and instantly makes you feel like part of the family.

16-year-old, Driton is Qosaj's firstborn son. He speaks the best English of the family because, like many young people in these parts of the mountain, he taught himself English by watching YouTube & TikTok videos. Like most boys his age, he likes to relax by playing on his phone when he can, but when interacting with guests, he is quite the jokester and is very fun to talk to.

Danjel, Desara & Driseld

Next up is freshly-turned-14-year-old, Danjel. Although a teenager, he still has a very playful nature and loves spending his spare time riding his bike and being outside. He is a curious, kind-natured boy and enjoys learning new English words with travellers. But one of the best ways to bond with him is to try and beat him at one of his favourite card games, Uno.

Desara is the second youngest but the oldest sister of the family. This 10-year-old is sensitive, sweet, and maybe a little shy at first, but once she can warm up to you, she can be very chatty! Like most young girls, she likes playing with dolls and doing her hair. Still, she is also quite mature for her age when helping around the house - especially when looking after her younger sister.

Last but not least comes Driseld. She is the youngest of the family and is just three years old. She is still little and tends to stick close to her mother and sister most of the time. Like most toddlers, she can be pretty shy with guests, but you'll see her come out of her shell with her other family members when spending the day with them.

Every family member has specific duties to uphold when living in their summer encampment in "Bjeshk". Sometimes it's taking the animals out to graze. Other times it's cooking, preparing dairy products, keeping the home tidy, caring for the animals or working on their farm. By staying with the Qosaj family for a day (or a few), you will have the opportunity to experience their unique lifestyle and make memories you will never forget!

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